Didactic Materials & downloads

Here are some of the didactic materials developed through the length of the science communication project Sounds of Matter. These have been used as part of the interactive exhibition, the workshops and public presentations. The materials are free to download, and are accompanied by indications and suggestions for future use of the pedagogic community.

GAME: Analog Ising model

Developed by computational physicists Carina Karner and Chiara Cardelli, this game turns the Ising model into a fun classroom activity, yet an accurate representation of multiple physical phenomena.

QUIZ: crystals vs glasses

Developed by physicist Sabine Puchberger (research team Dr. Wilfried Schranz), this game tackles the fundamental difference between glasses and crystals using the sound materials produce as a hint. 

SOFTWARE: Smartphone App for embpodied simulations

Originally conceived by composer Adrián Artacho and developed by software engineer Oscar Medina, the Nucleate app turns computational models into a smartphone-driven game. This project was presented in the 2018 MOCO conference (Genoa, Italy).

Sonification workshop

In the context of a visit to the West Virginia University (USA), composer and project developer Adrián Artacho discussed with composition students of Prof. David Taddie different strategies for Sonification related to science communication.