Kinderuni workshop

In July 2017, the team of «Sounds of Matter» was invited to hold the workshop as part of the Kinderuni (Vienna). Composer Adrián Artacho, together with physicists Stefan Noisternig and Christian Ebner presented the program 'Klänge aus dem Labor' (sounds of the lab) for an audience of brilliant 11 year old kids, who had the opportunity to learn objects that populate the nanoworld in a light and playful way.

After learning the steps of the scientific method, we explored the properties of crystals (as opposed to amorph materials) using sound as a metaphor. We also discovered how scientists are able to have a look at the fundamental structure of matter; then, we ran our very own sonification of electron scattering, throwing one electron at a time. (The original footage can be found here © Christian Rentenberger, Universität Wien)



Didactic Materials

After learning about lasers (and laser safety) we saw how physicists use them to manipulate incredibly small objects with precision. Finally, we had the chance to interact with the lasers ourselves and even played the world's tiniest musical instrument, the nanophon (© Adrián Artacho). 

I would like to thank the invaluable help of Stefan Noisternig and Christian Ebner, researchers at the Research Group Physics of Nanostructured Materials (Faculty of Physics), and part of the team of Dr. Rentenberger («Structural inhomogeneities in bulk metallic glasses»). I would also like to extend my thanks to the outstanding team of the Kinderuni, which made everything easy for us (despite our lots of bulky equipment) and a great experience for the kids.

Next workshop will be on Thursday, 14th of december 2017. Together with researcher Dr. Markus Hartmann we will present the interactive concert/workshop «Klänge der Materie» as part of the physics:science@school program.