FIT Workshop

Together with computational physicists Carina Karner and Chiara Cardelli we designed a workshop for the FIT (Frauen in der Technik) program. The two researchers of the Faculty of physics at the University of Vienna specialize in the field of computational physics, which is fundamental for understanding the intimate properties of materials, among many other applications.

Specifically we tackled the Ising Model (also known as the drosophila of computational physics due to its ability to model a wide array of phenomena). Carina Karner and Chiara Cardelli invented an analoge computing game that we subsequently perfomed in the workshop.

Additionally, composer Adrián Artacho designed a smartphone-based system that simplyfies the mathematical operations and turns the game into a full body immersive sound+light experience. This work is meant to be presented at the MOCO'18 (Movement and Computing conference in June 2018 in Italy). For more details on what we did, I recommend to watch the outstanding video elaborated by cinematographer Siavash Talebi, above these lines.

Didactic Materials

GAME: Analog Ising Model