Alongside the composition competition, the project also included a number of workshops aimed at different focus groups:

PlusLucis (27.02.2018)

Workshop held at the Faculty of physics together with Dr. Oleg Domanov with the title "Nanowelten selbst erforschen" within the program of the Lehrerfortbildungswoche. The presentation was followed by a visit to the laboratories of the Faculty of Physics.

Sonification Workshop (22.03.2018)

In the context of a visit to the West Virginia University (USA), composer and project developer Adrián Artacho discussed with composition students of Prof. David Taddie different aspects of Sonification and the difficult enterprise of expressing scientific knowledge through music.

MOCO Conference (28.06.2018)

Following the acceptance of a paper in the proceedings of the Movement and Computing Conferenceauthored by physicists Carina Karner and Chiara Cardelli (research team Dr. Christoph Dellago) and composer Adrián Artacho, we travelled to Genoa (Italy) to present a performance workshop informed by the FIT workshop held in February.